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I ordered and paid in full for a Queen mattress set, bed frame and ottoman on 10/7/07 for a promised delivery date of 11/11/07. On 11/4/07, I received an e-mail notifying me that the delivery had been pushed back to 11/29/07. Then it was pushed back to 12/1/07, then 12/8/07 and now is set for 1/6/08.

I have contacted their 800 customer service line repeatedly only to be told to go to the store directly, however when I go to the store....they refer me back to 'corporate' customer service. I guess it doesn't matter where I go because no matter where I turn...I get misinformation, lies and half truths.

I have been lied to by supervisors, customer service reps and store employees. I have been told repeatedly, "there is nothing we can do". I have asked for a full refund and am told that "due to Chapter 11 bankruptcy, we cannot process refunds".

I have opened a credit card dispute with American Express and can only pray that they can somehow get the charge reversed as I have no merchandise. However this process is estimated to take 4-6 weeks.

At every level, I have been dissatisfied with how I have been treated and cannot find even 1 good thing to say about this company.


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Sundbyberg, Stockholm, Sweden #1126

I'm also going through a similar situation.

I purchased a bedroom set, dining room set, and a couch on July 4, 2007. My merchandise wasn't delivered until September. Since my couch was specially ordered it was not delivered until October (which was a little over the expectancy date). However, I only received 3 out of 4 parts of the couch...the my order was considered "closed/finalized". Since October I have been going back and forth with levitz store associates/managers, the customer service people, and the warehouse people. Everyone has been giving me the run around.

Because of the whole bankruptcy bit, it's impossible to get a hold of the customer service people or a manager at a store. The warehouse people are the worst to get a hold of...when you finally get to talk to them, they simply say "levitz is out of business we can't help u!!"

At this point, I don't know what to do. The customer service line is closed, the warehouse people say my order is finalized and there's nothing I can do, and the store manager is also impossible to get a hold of....even when I go into the store, there's never a manager to be found...

Does any one have any suggestions?? Or am I stuck paying for something I didn't receive??

Carolina, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico #1070

The only thing I have to change of the above review is the products I ordered which was an leather sofa and loveseat and the numbers of times my delivery date was rescheduled.I went into the Co-op City, NY location on October 20th and was promised a delivery date of 11/4 then as the above reviewer I received an e-mail in theearly morning hours stating that my delivery date was changed to 12/1, then I received another e-mail two weeks later stating that the delivery was changed to 1/08.

That's when I decided to cancel my order and I'm given the surprise that they not giving refunds back just store credit. I was out of luck because I made a portion of my purchase was made in cash and the rest in a their credit card, which I closed out. I have no desire in doing any further business with a disloyal company. Levitz as a whole needs a major makeover ...

from the store level to the corporate level. They are blindly stealing from their customer ... how is it possible that they will continue accepting orders and deposits from customers knowing that they will not be able to fulfill the order. This is quote from a newspaper article printed on 11/9 after their press conference regarding the bankruptcy.

I should of stood with my first chioce Raymour ...I guess you learn from your mistakes.

Aguadilla, Aguadilla, Puerto Rico #1064

I also have the same complaint -- with my merchandise, it was 5 delivery attempts, 3 of which they actually delivered to my house, 2 of which were stopped.All 5 attempted deliveries were for the wrong merchandise.

They kept sending me the same set of chairs, albeit the wrong ones. It has been over three months since I purchased the set. After several conversations with "supervisors" and a "store manager"(who is no longer working for Levitz) about errors in their stocking department, I found out that these chairs were actually discontinued -- although they are still displayed out on the floor. I decided to cancel and got the same song and dance about the bankruptcy and no refund policy.

The only alternative they can give me is to choose a comparable set, fight it out with the credit card company or get the courts involved.....Shopping as Levitz has by far been the biggest regret of my life.

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